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The decoration is closely linked to the personality of each person. There are people who decorate their home with many colors and others who prefer to create a sober and elegant space in black and white.

There is a tendency to associate black and white with a boring room without personality. But the truth is that this trend is making waves in the decoration sector, and that is why today we want to propose different black and white vinyl rugs .

Garlic Black Vinyl Rug

When we decorate in b&w we have to keep in mind that the predominant color must be white . This way we will avoid an overwhelming space and on the contrary we will obtain a feeling of more spaciousness with a clean design.

Glorieta Black Vinyl Rug

The strong point of this trend is its versatility, since black and white fits into any space. The key? Combine different textures in the same space to create a cozy atmosphere.

- Pergola Black Vinyl Rug

The bathroom and kitchen are the most suitable spaces to use this monochromatic contrast . If what you are looking for is a more neutral space, limit the prints that make up the room. But if, on the other hand, what you want to achieve is a more vivid atmosphere, combine them without fear.

Jackson Vinyl Rug

And to finish… a print for the most daring! It may seem like a risky combination , since in this case the print is a larger size. But if what you want is for the vinyl rug to be the center of attention, it is perfect for you. Of course, avoid using it in small spaces.

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