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Turning our home into a temple where we can relax, and where every little corner is comfortable is essential. It is essential that our house be a space where we can enjoy a good book, listen to music, or simply be calm. For FANCYHAUS , these are some of the basic foundations of the philosophy of living.

We like to create unique homes and that each home has personality, but above all that comfort and warmth are a priority, to achieve a feeling of comfort and well-being .

There are some basic factors that greatly determine the visual effect of the space, such as the use of neutral tones, indirect lighting and the use of natural materials. All this is essential to achieve a cozy home.

  • Soft and neutral colors.

The use of vinyl rugs with light and soft tones, especially stone, white and light brown colors, both for the walls, for the floors and for the furniture, will always multiply the feeling of spaciousness .

  • Wood and natural materials.

The use of natural materials, such as wood without excess varnishes, or the use of textures and fibers (to dress the floor or any other surface), create a much warmer and closer environment.

  • Warm and comfortable lighting.

It is about making the most of the natural light that comes through the windows, avoiding covering it with blinds or curtains that are too thick, so that each corner can have a different light source. The use of independent spotlights, wall lights and ceiling lamps with shades that create atmosphere will allow for a more welcoming luminosity.

Joining our philosophy becomes a great option to enjoy a more comfortable and happy home. Discover our products such as vinyl rugs , table protectors , adhesive vinyls and much more here . 

Give life to your home without doing any work!

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