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Transformando una cocina sin hacer obras.

Transforming a kitchen without doing any work.

Today we tell you a new example of how we can transform a kitchen without doing any work and without complications.

Silvia Garcia is an entrepreneur, Youtuber and influencer and is well known in Spain for being the girl behind the blog " El Armario de Silvia ". Fashion and design are her work and her passion, but in addition to having a very active professional life, she enjoys being a mother of two children, Claudia and Rodrigo.

Silvia had been thinking about giving a new life to her kitchen for a long time, but with such a busy life, she didn't have the time or desire to start this project, until FANCYHAUS appeared in her life!

In the video he explains his experience with our Market Gray hydraulic tile vinyl carpet. What do you think of the result? We love!

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  • Inmaculada

    Hola buenas tardes, estoy interesada en cambiar suelo d cocina y he pensado en vosotros. Me gustan los modelos Marble white y marble White carrera pero mi pregunta es si hay en tono beig estilo mármol? Y si puedo facilitar medidas exactas para saber el precio. Un saludo.

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