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Vinyl borders have become a “ must ” in kitchens, and their functionality makes them perfect for achieving a unique and stylish result.

In this post we want to answer all your questions, explaining everything you should know about FancyHaus vinyl borders . For this reason, we have made a compilation of the most asked questions by our followers about this product.

How are they placed? Is any type of glue needed?
The vinyl borders are self-adhesive. They are very easy to place, you just need to remove the protective plastic and stick them in the desired area. Furthermore, thanks to their anti-bubble technology, they adapt perfectly to the surface.

What sizes and models are available?
On our website you will find various models, sizes and prices. You can also choose any of the prints of our rugs to create a border. If the measurements on the website do not fit your space, we make custom measurements .

Can they be cleaned?
Yes, they are very easy to clean with water and neutral soap . We do not recommend corrosive products such as bleach.

Are they suitable for bathrooms?
Yes, they can be used in bathrooms, since they are waterproof and very resistant .

And for kitchens? Are they suitable for placing near the cooking zone?
They are perfect for kitchens, since in addition to being waterproof and very easy to clean, they are fireproof and protect from possible scratches.

Can they be placed on top of another border or embossed tile?
Yes, borders can be placed on top of embossed tiles. We recommend that you send us a photograph so that we can evaluate it better, but generally there is no problem.

We hope we have clarified all your doubts about FancyHaus vinyl borders. If you have any other questions you can contact us through our email or write us a message to our Instagram account @fancyhaus .

Give life to your home without doing any work!

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    Yo las tengo los baños y la cocina! Estoy enamorada!!!

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