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3 propuestas de decoración

3 decoration proposals

Who doesn't like to leave their guests speechless? We love enjoying a family meal or with friends we haven't seen in a long time. Generally, we tend to think that decorating the living room table is something in which we have to invest a lot of time and dedication, but that is not the case, with a little inspiration it is very easy to create a table with which to leave your guests with a good taste in the mouth.
We know that the best thing about an evening is the company , but if this is accompanied by good decoration on the table, we ensure an evening of 10. That is why at FANCYHAUS we propose 3 decoration ideas for you to transform your table living room without the need to do any work and turn it into a dining room with soul , unique and cozy .
For the first proposal we have opted for our reclaimed solid oak wood table , a sustainable piece of furniture created by hand , with wood from beams from old rural farms, its hand-forged iron legs give it robustness and fit perfectly with the tones. from naturally aged oak. We have accompanied this table with a vinyl rug and some individual placemats from our Toscana Autumn collection to create a set that provides warmth and creates a cozy space.

Small details make the difference, therefore, as a decorative element we have selected a poster of the New Yorker building with a white frame to give the final touch to the whole.
Vinyl rug and placemats Toscana Autumn
For the second option , we have kept the reclaimed solid oak wood table but this time we have opted for the vinyl rug and the Garlic Vintage placemats , a collection inspired by the emblematic modernist floors of Barcelona, ​​which due to its neutral color combination are perfect for any space in the house.
With this collection we give a retro touch to our living room and create a more industrial and vintage atmosphere, without a doubt, a perfect option for the most daring.

In this case, to decorate , we have chosen a poster with the design of the map of New York with a wooden frame to conclude our second proposal.

For the last option , we have decided to keep the table made of reclaimed solid oak wood and we have chosen the Cozy gray vinyl rug , waterproof and very easy to clean with a mop, it also protects the floor, it is anti-allergic and non-slip , it is placed like a rug normal, without glues or adhesives. The Cozy Gray collection is perfect for decorating a living room, with its soft combination of colors we will create a pleasant and comfortable environment. We combine this vinyl rug with the table protectors from the same Cozy Gray collection to conclude this neutral set that transmits peace , tranquility and security .

As for the decorative element , we have chosen a selection of typographic and photographic posters that together create a unique composition.
Cozy Gray vinyl rug and placemats
And now it's your turn!! Which of these combinations do you prefer? Visit our YouTube channel to see the full video on how we created these 3 compositions. If you want to know more about FANCYHAUS, don't forget to follow us on our social networks @fancyhaus, visit our website or write us a message at
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