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Tendencias de decoración para 2021

Decoration trends for 2021

We have just entered a new year and at FancyHaus we couldn't wait any longer to tell you what trends we are going to see in our homes in 2021.
Interior design trends in 2021 are characterized by being full of captivating and aesthetic ideas that adapt to any environment and have a lot to do with the personality and style of each home.
Interior space with white natural lighting
Next, we will show you the main design trends of 2021 and which Fancyhaus products fit with each of them. We tell you that this year, well-being at home is prioritized.
1. Natural

In 2021, the connection between nature and humans stands out. Natural materials such as wooden or stone floors and daylight that remind us of outdoor landscapes stand out.
Natural interior space with natural white lighting and decorative wooden and garden elements
Source: Decorablog
Technology and machines coexist with us daily and in this trend we can find a way to escape from them by creating spaces that remind us of the outside , but inside our homes. For example, creating a corner with a small garden with indoor plants and placing a sofa in it.

In this case, the more natural lighting we have in our homes the better, so the ideal is to have large windows that are not covered and thus provide more naturalness or use white indoor light.

Our Fancyhaus natural adhesive oak wood is one of the best options if your goal this year is to achieve that feeling of nature in your home. This wood comes from sustainable European forests and will create a unique and cozy space without the need for any work .

You can also find wall vinyl that fits with this natural environment such as the Tropical Green adhesive model or the Tropical White adhesive.

And finally, with our rectangular solid oak coffee table or the natural solid oak magazine rack, you will give that final touch to your natural space with these sustainable furniture made of reclaimed wood.
Fancyhaus adhesive oak wood
You can find this natural adhesive oak wood here
Tropical green sticker Fancyhaus
Tropical White sticker Fancyhaus
Fancyhaus Solid Oak Rectangular Coffee Table
Our furniture, like Rectangular solid oak coffee table stands out for its quality and sustainability
Fancyhaus Natural Solid Oak Magazine Rack
The natural solid oak magazine rack can be found on our website
2. Industrial

The industrial style is inspired by the aesthetics of old industrial spaces .
Industrial interior space with natural lighting
Source: Ana Utrilla interior design
The metal and wood furniture and some aged-looking pieces with retro details that convey a carefree image stand out.

The selection of colors that is most common in this trend are black, white, gray and brown, although we can also find rust, reddish, greenish, as well as bronze and darker tones of wood.

The main materials are wood, iron or steel, leather and brick. Furthermore, in this trend recycling is a plus and if you want to recover used furniture you can renew it with worn paint.

At Fancyhaus we can help you achieve this style of decoration with our door vinyls and textured rugs.

If your idea is to adopt an industrial character to your home, but you are not sure about going all out, we offer you everything from styles such as the Concret Door Vinyl or the Original Concret Rug to more risky ideas such as the Oxid Door Vinyl or the Oxid Industrial rug.
Concret Fancyhaus door sticker
The Concret Door Vinyl model can be found here
Fancyhaus Original Concret Rug
You can find the original Concret rug on our website
Fancyhaus rust door vinyl
FancyHaus industrial rust rug
Oxid Green Model

All of them are perfect for achieving this industrial style that is becoming increasingly stronger and without the need to do any work.
3 . Nordic
This functional, comfortable and simple trend is one of the most in demand.

It is based on not filling our space with unnecessary decoration and is characterized by the use of rustic rugs with simple designs that highlight an elegant yet minimalist aesthetic.
Nordic interior space with natural light and large windows
The Nordic style moves away from the complexity of traditional styles and is closer to contemporary elements.

The most used colors are soft, monochrome with soft grays, pastel tones combined with wood or brown colors that add warmth to the interiors.

Natural light is a very important element in interiors; hanging lamps with white light also stand out, providing that effect of natural exterior light.

On our website you will find the Cozy rug collection that, due to its soft color combination, is perfect for any space in the house.
Cozy Gray Fancyhaus Rug
Cozy Wood Fancyhaus Rug
You can find the Cozy rug collection in different colors on our website

Our Fancyhaus kitchen wall stickers such as the Marmol White adhesive model or the Marmol Tiles Adhesive are also perfect for achieving this highly sought-after Nordic style.
Marmol White adhesive FancyHaus
Marble tiles adhesive FancyHaus
You can also find our furniture on the FancyHaus website , which is the perfect complement for creating this minimalist, natural and elegant environment.
FancyHaus reclaimed solid pine hall
FancyHaus Reclaimed Solid Oak Coffee Table
A trend that continues year after year is vintage, which stands out for its classicism and elegance.
Vintage interior space with decoration Source:
This style tries to recover old elements, as well as furniture, decoration, mirrors or paintings, which, although they cannot be classified as antiques, have been revalued over time.
Vintage is characterized by soft textures and colors such as white, beige, grayish, aqua green or pink.

With designs inspired by the emblematic modernist floors of Barcelona, ​​Fancyhouse vinyl rugs are the perfect complement to give your home this Vintage style. From the Glorieta Vintage model to the 1976 collection available in four colors, you can give life to your home without having to do any work.
Vintage FancyHaus Gazebo
You can find this Glorieta Vintage rug model here
1976 Spring Fancy House
Click here to buy the 1976 Spring model
5. Japandi
The Japandi style is an interior design trend in which Scandinavian minimalism and the Japanese spirit come together to give our homes a functional, relaxing and warm character.
Japandi style interior space with natural lighting and minimalist decoration
Source: Cuore Bello blog
Neutral and warm colors such as brown and beige are the most used in this decorative style, mixed with blues, pinks and greens in a very subtle way.

The lighting in this case is warmer. Greater use is made of Japanese-style lamps with textured paper or natural materials, what is sought with this trend is the creation of a warmer and more comfortable space.

The materials that are most used for the Japandi style are wood, bamboo, ceramics or stone. Plants are an essential element, however, you do not have to fill the space, but rather use a few to decorate in an elegant and minimalist way.

If you are looking to give your home minimalism and leave aside the abundance and overload of decoration, this is undoubtedly your style and we can help you achieve it with our Fancyhaus oak wood furniture that will give your home space and naturalness. without leaving aside elegance . You can find them on our website .
Fancyhaus Natural Oak and Iron Modular Shelving
FancyHaus Reclaimed Solid Oak Dining Table
FancyHaus Rectangular Solid Oak Coffee Table

With everything that happened in 2020, our homes have undoubtedly become a refuge to which we have given more importance than ever. Trends in interior design vary according to the events we are experiencing and as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, this year, without a doubt, well-being at home has been prioritized, hence we are increasingly interested in taking care of it and decorating it, making it thus in a home.

Today we have shown you some of the trends that are going strong in 2021, which is your favorite?

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