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Baldosas hidráulicas de FANCYHAUS

FANCYHAUS hydraulic tiles

Today, it is not surprising that hydraulic tiles are increasingly present in many homes as they provide a classic and at the same time very elegant touch .

They are usually placed to decorate floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, but little by little, their benefits have meant that they have spread to the rest of the spaces in the house. At FANCYHAUS we can find multiple vinyl and rug designs inspired by hydraulic tiles for every space in the house.

The kitchen is one of the most common spaces to decorate with hydraulic tiles and we are not surprised because they bring a lot of life to our kitchen. We love the idea of ​​using vinyl for wall tiles, whether in colors or neutral tones. However, for the floor they can be the perfect solution to make a white kitchen become a space to dream.

Another idea that does not leave anyone indifferent is to enhance the entrance with a vinyl carpet of hydraulic tiles, so that they contrast with the wooden floors of the rest of the space and in this way the entrance stands out in a special way.

There are those who prefer to decorate an old table with hydraulic tiles to renew it and make it the center of attention and at the same time a simple and more economical solution that you can change when you get tired.

As we told you before, the difficult thing will be to choose just one space. If you want to see more ideas and designs , visit our website and get excited about the change that will turn your home into the house of your dreams .

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