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Las preguntas más frecuentes sobre FancyHaus

Frequently asked questions about FancyHaus

We know that our products can cause many doubts , and that is why today we want to resolve all those uncertainties that hold you back when purchasing one of our products. There they go!

Are vinyl rugs adhesive?
Vinyl mats are not adhesive. They are made of heavy-duty braided polyester with a foaming PVC base. Their material is non-slip so they remain attached to the floor without the need for glue. They do not rise or move and their non-slip function is on both sides of the rug, making them ideal for children or older people.

Can vinyl rugs be used outdoors?
Yes, FancyHaus vinyl rugs can be used outdoors such as terraces or balconies, as they are waterproof and very resistant. They are also antibacterial and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. We recommend that they be placed in a semi-covered space, since the sun, as would happen with other objectives, can fade the color of the carpets.

Can I place an adhesive border on top of an embossed tile?
Vinyl borders can be placed on top of tiles with little relief. We recommend taking a few centimeters more width so that the vinyl can adapt perfectly to a smooth surface. We do not recommend using vinyl if your tile has a lot of relief or your wall is made of gotelé.

Are there more models of vinyl borders?
We can make a vinyl border with any of the prints we have available for our rugs. If you need help you can contact us at our email

Do you make custom measurements?
Yes, we make custom measurements for all our products. If you send us to our email or through IG the measurements you need along with the product you are interested in (vinyl rug, wall vinyl or table protector) we will give you a quote without any problem.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us at our email or through a private message to our Instagram profile @fancyhaus , and we will be happy to help you.

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  • Maria Jose

    Las alfombras vinilicas pueden usarse en parquet? Una vez se retiren quedan marcas en la madera?

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