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Cómo sacar partido a un piso de alquiler

How to take advantage of a rental apartment

Many times we are limited to decorating our home because it is a rental apartment. FancyHaus wants to give you the perfect solutions today so that you can fill your space with light and not leave any trace of dirt if you decide to change apartments later.

In decoration, learning to take advantage of a space is a difficult task, especially if it is an old building. But the key lies in knowing how to maintain the style of the area and elevate the details that provide the most light.

We propose three products so that you can change those spaces without light, so that you can turn them into cozy places full of life.

Vinyl rugs

Vinyl rugs can be the perfect solution to cover that floor that you don't like so much in a room. They can be placed on any fixed surface and since they do not have adhesives, they do not leave any residue on the surface. We can also make custom measurements depending on the space you have.

Vinyl borders

Maybe you have a border in your kitchen that you don't like and it makes the space look even more dated. You're in luck, because with FancyHaus vinyl borders you can cover your old tiles and fill your kitchen with life. The best thing is that they can be peeled off easily and do not leave any residue. They are suitable for bathrooms but not for bathtubs or showers, fireproof and waterproof. A perfect accessory.
Adhesive wall papers

We also have vinyl wall stickers available. They are perfect for giving a touch of color to those abandoned corners. Their self-adhesive material makes them easy to attach to any smooth surface. And if you want to remove it, you won't have any problem, since they don't leave any residue.

You can see all the models, measurements and prices on our website: or get inspired on our social networks @fancyhaus . If you need help, contact us at and we will advise you without problem.

Give life to your home without doing any work!

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    Quiero saber precio para poner el suelo de la cocina y cenefa

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