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Tres alfombras que te transportaran al mar

Three rugs that will transport you to the sea

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, what we want most is to take a swim in the sea and enjoy those long afternoons with friends.

But we know that not everyone lives near the sea, and that is why today we want to transport it to your home through three FancyHaus vinyl rugs.

There are models that transport you to wonderful places without leaving home. In addition, the material of vinyl rugs is perfect for summer, since it does not transmit the heat of a normal rug.

They are made of braided polyester with a foamy PVC base to absorb shock. They are non-slip and do not need adhesives. They can be easily cleaned and also have irresistible designs to fill your home with light.

This is the selection of the three rugs that will bring you closer to the sea from home.

Portugal Sea

Maritim Brown

Paumats Greece

You can see all the models, measurements and prices on our website: or get inspired on our social networks @fancyhaus . If you need help, contact us at and we will advise you without problem.

Give life to your home without doing any work!

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